Event Medical Cover 

Alongside our award winning training, we are also able to provide event medical cover for any size or type of event. Using our exensive knowledge of the industry as well as our bank of highly skilled and trained medics, we can ensure that your event meets the requirements of The Purple Guide or The Green Guide as appropriate. We have a number of regular customers who use us for this service and we are able to put together an Event Medical Plan that satisfies both local and national authorotises. 


What level of medical assistance does our event need?

This is very dependant on the type of event you are running, the risks and hazards associated with the event, the number of anticipated attendees and timings of the event. As each event is different, we use the SWAST (South Western Ambulance Service Trust) Guidance document to ensure that the level of cover meets the requirements as laid out by the various different bodies (local council’s, insurers, HSE).

Emerald Event Medical Cover

What different levels of medical cover are there?

Not every event requires an ambulance and paramedics onsite, most low risk events can be covered by a number of First Responders. By using the SWAST Guidance we can ensure the right level is achieved, whether this is with First Responders, Emergency Care Assistants, Paramedics, Nurses or Doctors.

Do you bring your own equipment?

All our team bring the equipment required as per their scpoe of practice. Each level have their own skill set and so having the correct equipment in place is paramount to staff providing the right treatment at the right time. By us bringing our own equipment, we can carry out regular maintainance checks and provide the highest level of equipment to you and your event.

What we provide

Not only do we bring highly trained personnel but we also work with event organisers in producing a comprehensive Event Medical Plan for publication to staff and submission to the relevant authorities. Depending on the location of your event and timings, we would do our very best to be represented at planning meetings etc.


What happens if someone needs to go to hospital?

The Event Medical Plan will determine the chain of command and the actions that will take place in the event of an NHS ambulance needing access. Part of the Event Medical Plan will be to identify access routes, availability of personnel to “make way”, all whilst ensuring the safety of all other participants.

Medical Cover

Events we cover

Yeovil Town Football Club
Yeovil Town Football Club

Match Days

Yeovil Super Saturday
Yeovil Town Council

Super Saturdays
Xmas Lights Switch On
Yeovil Celebrates

Hestercombe House
Hestercombe House & Gardens

Spring Fair
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Yeovil Beer Festival
Yeovil Beer Festival
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Kingsbury May Festival

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