First Aid is a life skill

I believe that everyone should have a basic understanding of first aid. To be honest most people know what CPR looks like and they know how to apply a plaster, the difficulty comes with confidence. That is what we instil into our learners, the confidence to be able to make a difference to a casualty whether that be a member of the public, a friend, a colleague or a family member. Many people we train are on our courses for work as their workplace requires first aiders, but its shown that you’re more likely to use first aid at home than in the workplace. So why not join the Emerald family and be trained by the leading first aid training company.

At Emerald First Aid Training we are committed to the highest standards of courses. Our open first aid courses all come with regulated qualifications, all our courses include COVID secure training boxes for each learner and our customer service team will assist you if you’re not quite sure which course is right for you.

Ash Hunt